Indian Hindu Temples Devi Parashakthi Matha (Eternal Mother) Temple
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Devi Parashakthi Matha (Eternal Mother) Temple
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551 W Kennett Rd, Pontiac, MI 48340, United States
(248) 322-4731


Parashakthi Temple, also known as Eternal Mother Temple is a Shanmatha (six paths in Hinduism) tirtha peetham (pilgrimage) in the west for Devi Adi Parashakti Durga worshipers situated in the heart of Pontiac, Michigan, United States. The Temple was built in 1999 and the inaugural pooja took place on Vijayadasami day. Since then, thousands of devotees have flocked to see Mother to shower Her with their love and devotion. Several devotees have experienced many miracles at the temple and throng every week to participate in the Abhishekams and other special functions that are conducted throughout the year. The Temple was envisioned by Dr. G Krishna Kumar in a deep meditative Kundalini experience when Goddess Adi Parashakti/Shakthi/Durga guided him to build a temple for “Her,” for peace, happiness and paramount success. Divine Mother Parashakthi is "Divine Pure Eternal Consciousness" manifested as Shiva Shakthi and formed a Nada Bindu (sound and spiritual light), which separated into Shiva and Shakthi. All the gods and goddesses are her manifestations of various vibratory divine entities. At Parashakthi Temple, she is present as Parashakthi Karumari Ambika who is closest to the earthly creations. Devi Parashakthi is Kundalini Shakthi, which manifested as Prakrti (Shakthi), which together with Purusha(Shiva) has materialized into various universes (multiverse) as living and non-living entities through maya (illusion) Shakthi.

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